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Focus on R & D and manufacturing of marine water pump

International standard production
Specializing in the production of marine vertical single / multi-stage centrifugal pump, horizontal centrifugal pump, vortex pump, horizontal centrifugal seawater self-priming pump, fire pump, crushing pump, sewage pump, jet pump, carbon copper pump, hand pump.
Product certification of Classification Societ
Since its establishment, the company has obtained many certificates and patents, such as the certificate of adopting international standard product mark issued by China National Standardization Administration and the type approval certificate of marine products issued by China Fisheries and Ship Inspection Bureau
Large scale production of marine pumps
The main production equipment includes three production lines of B series, M series and S series.Two first-level precision pump computer measurement and control production lines; Two electronic differential pressure flow measurement and control production system;
Support global after sales
So far, it has provided products and services for thousands of domestic and foreign 10,000-ton seagoing ships.
Won the "Honor Contract and Keep Promise" enterprise title


Zhangjiagang Pacific Pump Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Marine and fire pump production qualification: China National Standardization Administration "Adopting International Standard Product Marking Certificate"; China Classification Society "Quality Management System Authentication Certificate", "Marine Pump Type Approval Certificate"; Certificate of Type Approval for Marine Products issued by China Fishery Vessel Inspection Bureau; Fire Products Qualification Assessment Center of the Ministry of Public Security "China National Compulsory Product Authentication Certificate"; "Factory Type Approval Certificate" issued by French Classification Society; "Product Inspection Certificate" issued by American Classification Society; "Product Inspection Certificate"···


Zhangjiagang Pacific Pump Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Marine pump design, production and installation through-train service


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